Goldenrod’s bright yellow flowers are a good source of nectar during the fall migration of many butterflies.  This fall-blooming perennial does best in full sun in a slightly moist environment in poor soils but will tolerate some shade and is drought tolerant once established.  The aggressive root systems of the native goldenrods will quickly engulf a garden so look for the clumping varieties like ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Golden Fleece’ that are much more mannerly and suitable for pollinator gardens in urban and suburban landscapes.

Scientific Name Solidago species

Common Name(s) Goldenrod

Notable Varieties ‘Fireworks’ - arching wands of yellow flowers to 4 ft tall, ‘Golden Fleece’ – dwarf variety to about 16” tall.

Type Drought Tolerant, Native, Perennial, Pollinator Friendly, Sun Lover

Size varies from 16”-5 ft tall and 2- 3 ft wide

Flower Color(s) Yellow

Bloom Month(s) September, October

Growing Environment Full Sun, Dry, Moist

Landscape Uses Multi-season Interest, Deer Resistant, Bog/Rain Garden, Containers, Groundcover