The Garden Coach

I’m a transplant to North Texas from the Mid-Atlantic area, the perfect Zone 7 that you read about in those glossy gardening magazines.  Although I was introduced to gardening at a young age,  it didn’t become a passion until I bought my first house in southern New Jersey.    While working on my first garden design, I spent so much time (and money!) at the local nursery, the owner said he might as well hire me.   It was my favorite job of all time – even though it was only weekends.  However, that was my first indication that I really enjoyed helping people realize their dream gardens.

Flash forward 20 years.  I’m still passionate about gardening and helping people bring beauty to their living space and improve their environment.  I grow mostly native and adapted perennials (over 200 different kinds at last count) in a typical small suburban yard in Denton County.   My background in environmental science makes me a bit of a nature geek.   I design my plantings to attract birds, butterflies, and other pollinators and beneficial critters.   I’m also lucky enough to know a bunch of great gardeners, my “assistant coaches” if you will, that grow things for which I don’t have room.   That collective experience will be on display here at The Garden Coach.  Pull up a chair and take a look around.